Information for medical professionals 2018: Part 11 - Case study: Boy, 19 years old

Neck injury from soccer August 2016. Rehabilitation started January 2017 - ended December 2017. Checkup April 2018.

After rehabilitation: Normalized and pain free neck function.

Area visualised with ultrasound:

Anatomical illustration is from Essential Anatomy 5.

Image 1: Joint space atlas - axis (here visualized without capsules and joint ligaments around the C1-C2 joint).

The blue line shows the joint space. Arrows indicate the front and rear of the joint. They correspond with the same blue arrows in ultrasound image 2.

Image 2: Arrows indicate the front and rear of the joint. They show a tear in the capsular joint ligaments in the front and rear of the joint.

The image was taken in January 2017.

Image 3: This image shows exceptionally good regenerative repairs. The long blue line shows well-formed regenerated ligament. Arrows in the front and rear show the same locations as in image 2.

Only 6.5 months had passed from the injury took place until rehabilitation started.

TThis boy has gone through a rehabilitation plan at Firda Physical Medicine Centre. He came to us fairly early, which is important in order to achieve such a good result. It also helps that he is young, as a result the tissue has better regenerative abilities.

At Firda Physical Medicine Centre we perform REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. We combine the best clinical examinations, high end ultrasound, tissue stimulation with focused acoustic pressure wave (Piezo Wave 2), and tissue stimulation via exercises in Multi Cervical Unit.


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